The newest CD from The Crossing (our 14th!)
Featuring new works by
Gregory W. Brown and Stratis Minakakis.

Digital Release — February 23rd on all major online platforms.

Come. Hear. Now

"The vocal melodies at times conjure a calm pool as in the moon reflecting over “nothing but a body of unbroken water”,
and yet there are other times where it sounds as if water is rushing down rocky terrain towards the sea..."
Caryn Havlik for New Sounds (WNYC)

If there were water

The Crossing & Donald Nally
new works by Gregory W. Brown and Stratis Minakakis


A new recording of world premieres addressing a topic of our national discourse: diaspora. These two strikingly diverse, yet equally compelling unaccompanied compositions were commissioned for The Crossing’s Month of Moderns festival and premiered in June 2017. 

In Crossings Cycle, Greek composer Stratis Minakakis creates a visceral musical response to the experience of observing Syrian refugees on the Isle of Lesbos. An elegy on things irretrievably lost, Crossings Cycle draws on Ancient Greek literature, Eliot’s The Waste Land, and microtonal tuning practices to convey a deeply resonant expression of the human condition.  Sounds emerge and disappear from the shadows, often erupting as great cries or crashing waves that disintegrate again into murmurs.

un/bodying/s by composer Gregory W. Brown explores the history of the displaced populations of Quabbin, the Swift River Valley in Western Massachusetts, including the Native Americans moved by incoming Europeans, and then those Europeans relocated by the State when creating the massive reservoir that supplies Boston with water. Gregory and librettist Todd Hearon tell these stories from a variety of perspectives, including the history of the wildlife that, like the human refugees, have fled and since returned to this troubled land. The music undulates as if at times floating on water, or hidden under it, or soaring above it, reflecting up.  Suddenly a New England hymn will emerge, then be replaced with a more distant, elusive texture, as the eternal search for Atlantis continues.

All photos are of the Quabbin Reservoir, shot by Gregory W. Brown on a vintage Argoflex 75 camera.



Katy Avery, Jessica Beebe, Julie Bishop,
Elijah Blaisdell, Karen Blanchard, Steven Bradshaw,
Colin Dill, Micah Dingler, Robert Eisentrout,
Ryan Fleming, Joanna Gates, Steven Hyder,
Michael Jones, Heather Kayan, Heidi Kurtz,
Chelsea Lyons, Maren Montalbano, Rebecca Myers,
Daniel O'Dea, James Reese, Daniel Schwartz,
Rebecca Siler, Daniel Spratlan, Elisa Sutherland

Donald Nally, conductor
John Grecia, accompanist