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Rooted in the need to speak about our political environment, we usher in summer and our Month of Moderns festival. This year we present three world premieres featuring the music of David Lang,  Benjamin C.S. Boyle, Kile Smith, Ellis Ludwig-Leone, and Alex Berko, June 9th, 17th, and 30th, at The Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill.

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a house

Music of David Lang, Ellis Ludwig-Leone and Alex Berko

Saturday, June 9 at 8pm

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Music of Benjamin C.S. Boyle and Robert Convery

Sunday, June 17 at 4pm

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The Arc in the Sky

By Kile Smith

Saturday, June 30 at 8pm

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Join us on the lawn after each concert for an informal reception welcoming the composers -
let's talk about what we're hearing!

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So they sang, in sweet utterance, and the heart
Within me desired to listen, and I signaled my
Companions to set me free, nodding with my brows,
But they leaned on and rowed hard...
              --Odyssey, Book 12: The Cattle of the Sun