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the national anthems tour

music of David Lang, Caroline Shaw, and Ted Hearne
with the strings of the International Contemporary Ensemble
performances in Princeton, Washington, and Philadelphia


November 10, 8pm

The Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

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November 11, 8pm

The Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

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November 12, 3:30pm

The National Gallery of Art, Washington


November 13, 7pm

The Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia


Where does patriotism end and nationalism begin?  How do we remain open to all and true to ourselves?  In this concert, Caroline Shaw's 2016 study on displacement and immigration is balanced with David Lang's meditation on the nature of national anthems.  Lang writes:

“I had the idea that if I looked carefully at every national anthem I might be able to identify something that everyone in the world could agree on….Hiding in every national anthem is the recognition that we are insecure about our freedoms, that freedom is fragile, and delicate, and easy to lose. “