Where are you going?

Aniara is a season of questions: periodic pauses in a year of self-reflection, a view of our world from the inside, as we race through space with the progress of a bubble in glass. The universe as our fishbowl.

The mile markers? New works that look at conflict, change, regression, spirituality, hope, cultures of oppression, cultures of love, a dying earth, and the search for meaning in a world that has no tomorrow.

The road stops? Ideas that originate in Philadelphia and fling us across the country to join like- minded ensembles, venues, and festivals with greater breadth than ever before.

The fuel? Only the breath in our bodies and our imaginations. 24 voices. Words. Authenticity.

The journey? Singing along our trek toward Aniara: fragments of time and space. Singing as we travel ever farther from home. Singing as our longing to return to the source wells within. Singing for understanding, for clarity.

Don’t go. Stay.
Come here, now.